Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Confession Tuesday - Respect the Book Edition

Dear Reader:

It's been so long since my last Confession Tuesday that I can't begin to give you a time period. Let's just say that it's been a long assed time and that a whole bunch of shit has gone down since then.

I suppose one benefit of waiting so long is that it's easier to find subject matter for the confession. I do have a number of things twirling around in the back of my mind.

Let me start by confessing that I feel pretty darn good physically. This after an extended period of feeling dragged out. A recent trip to my doctor resulted in an adjustment in the treatment of a chronic condition and it has made remarkable difference in how I feel.  Running and clicking my heels would not be out of the picture the way I feel.

Tonight is a debate of the Republican candidates for president. I confess that I will not be watching. I confess that  I've pretty much read enough and listened to enough of them that I'm convinced that only one is remotely qualified to serve as president and I have problems with many of that candidate's positions on critical issues. The others are all such a hot mess that in spite of what they believe, there presence in the oval office would be a disaster.  So, again I reiterate that I will not be watching. That would be time wasted that I would never get back.

Let's talk about dogs. We have three of them. Silas, Inky and Madison. They are all rescue dogs and they all have their own special problems. Silas came to us semi-feral and he still has anxiety issues. Inky also has anxiety issues. Madison is still a puppy and this past week he was a turd. Yes, a turd.
He's a long haired dachshund  and if you know anything about the breed, they are stubborn.  I am a real stickler bout my books. Every dog we have had till now has left my books alone. I confess I have not always been especially trusting of them to do so and I am pretty good about not leaving them where they can reach them for more than a few seconds. This past week I momentarily left my new signed copy of Elegy/Elk River by Michael Schmeltzer on the bed. I walked out of the bedroom for a few moments and then returned. Being a chapbook I suppose the thickness was just perfect for a certain puppy to apply his mouth to the corner and chew. Now the book remains readable, but it's pristine condition bit the dust, By the way, the book is remarkable and I will be writing a review of it soon. Suffice to say, Madison has already put his stamp of approval on it. I confess I was angry at him.  Madison must learn to respect the book if he is going to hang around with me when I'm writing.

But I confess this has not been the best week for Madison and I. Yesterday, he decided to chew at the corner of the wall next to my studio door. Sigh. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be angry at a dachshund puppy?

I love it when I discover new poets. I suppose it would be better to say, poets that are new to me. My most recent discovery is Cate Marvin. I confess that I think as I read more of her work, she may rank pretty high on my list

I don't know about others, but the last two to three months of the year I always seem to put a lot of pressure on myself to about my writing. I confess that I know this is not the most beneficial way to approach writing. Still, I'm always driven to go out of the year in overdrive. It's about ending the year strong and carrying over into the new one. I will be writing a lot this weekend. I am planning to block out time for reading and time specifically for writing. I'm doing a make shift Writing Residency.  I promise next Tuesday to let you know how it was.  

Until next Tuesday, be safe and live well...

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