Sunday, November 15, 2015

Standing As One

Dear Reader:

I suppose I am no different than most of you right now, in that I have been inundated with thoughts about the terrorists attacks in Paris. What I don't want to do here is talk about blame, or specific actions by governments in dealing with these attacks or countering future attacks. These decisions that will be made be respective governments is short order, and I do hope they will be made with reasonable dialogue in the open so that citizens know full well what options are to be considered.

But today, I am happy that so many in the United States and around the world are standing in solidarity with France. Our two nations have a long and storied history that includes liberating them from occupation in WWII along with our allies and some more recent periods in which some in this country including  politicians tended to snub our noses at the French. I suspect many of those who engaged in such folly as boycotting french fires (hardly a French cuisine) have forgotten why they acted with such disdain. We are after all, citizens of a global community that largely have the same objective in life. To live full and rich lives with our families, and so so safely. We value our friends and love ones and each day life with the hope that these people will arrive home safely at the end of the day.

The picture above is from the Kansas City Skyline. Our Union Station in the foreground, The Marriott Hotel to the left in the distance and City Hall, Center back, all have been lit with the colors of the French Flag. So many other cities have done similar. Seattle and New York I am aware of, but I am sure there are many others.

My thoughts are with the refugees that have flooded into Europe in the past few months, many leaving behind everything but the clothing on their back and  traveling at great risk.While some see these refugees as a burden upon European countries it is important too that we realize they have the ultimate objective the rest of us share. The reason they risk so much is because the are running from war torn nations and the same barbaric violence delivered to innocent people in Paris.

I is heartening to see some many people around the world standing too in support of Muslim brothers and sisters. Their religion believes in a loving  God and so many have been quick to condemn this violence.

If we cannot embrace peace
we have nothing 
to show
in the alternative       

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