Friday, August 19, 2005

Taking Some Family Time

Tuesday night after work, I had a KC Metro Verse meeting. We read a lot of Charles Bukowski material.

Tuesday was also the end of my work week. I've taken three vacation days and it has been wonderful. My wife has been off this week as well. Thursday we did a family trip to Omaha to visit the zoo. That coupled with taking my daughter fishing the day before, has given me a real taste of nature this week. It has opened up my senses to the whole view of cohabitation of man and nature on this planet. Something we (mankind) are not fairing very well at.

I can envision some impact on my future writing by this realization. It's not that I have been oblivious to this whole thing, but sometimes you see things which deepened your passion or resolve to certain things. An "Ah-ha!" experience.

I may post some pictures from the zoo visit over the weekend if I get them upload into flicker.

My wife and I were both amazed at the Armadillo. They had this tiny one that just ran around all over the place. I had to wonder what sort of food intake was necessary to sustain that amount of energy exertion. The Aardvark was another of my favorites.

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