Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Magpie Tales 42

The Cup

Tell me again its history
the metal muscle – the fortitude
the way it survived
crossing the Atlantic
stayed within the family
through those early years
when famine forced much sacrifice
and trading value for sustenance.

Tell me how it was passed on
father to son to grandchildren
and when the male linage legged
it became the daughter
bringing it forward
and how it survived into marriage
and nurtured still at great cost.

How it paused briefly
in Independence, Missouri
and then journeyed
on west— surviving
Indian territory, hard times
again on the trail when other things
were set aside – at immense emotional price.

Show me the moth eaten velvet beg
that clung to it when you found it
packed among grandfather’s furnishings
where you plucked it free
before the estate sale.

And remind me when it is my turn
to treasure it—

in the time honored tradition

2010© Michael A. Wells

Magpie Tales


Helen said...

A tale for the ages, beautifully told!

Friko said...

Family history in a cup.

It is the small objects, those treasured by successive generations for their emotional value which make all the difference.
They may have little financial value but they are priceless in every other way.

My first time here, I am glad to meet you.

Other Mary said...

'Tell me again...' What a lovely way to open.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

that's a brilliant dip,
beautiful and homely tale.
wonderful job.

My Magpie has some awards/treats in it, enjoy the blog love!

Unknown said...

Oh my! To think that you almost lost it at the Estate sale ....

Tumblewords: said...

A wonderful cup of history!

hedgewitch said...

I'm fond of poems that tackle a narrative, and do so without sounding forced or cliched, and this is a prime example. Excellent word choices giving the cup a life of its own almost, as it's given meaning by sacrifice. Very nice magpie.

Lane Savant said...

Sic Semper Gloria Mundi

Glenn Buttkus said...

Grand tale, epic of family treasure,
rendered down to poetics; great
job. I love the image of /moth eaten
velvet bag/ and the fact that so
many people in one family could
be the guardians of their own

Maggie said...

On the trail...

I have a wonderful image of that.

Really nice.