Saturday, September 24, 2011


This past week has been a difficult week for many reasons and I won't go into the voluminous details.  Let's just say that all about me there seemed to be worries, trials, and stresses. I'm talking about many of the people closes to me. But I am here this morning to say that there were and continue to be many ways in which those about me have be and continue to be blessed. Many of the challenges of the past week are being met with positive response. This of course is a good thing.

We don't hear enough about the good in this world. Maybe that is why I am so drawn to art.  Art allows things to just be. It is not required to reflect good or bad...  it is what it is and we can find enjoyment it the simple reflection of the human spirit on the page or on canvass or in the music that fills the air.

Have you or someone close to you been blessed this past week?

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