Sunday, July 03, 2022

Journaling series - post #2

 In my first post, I talked about  Lochby journals.  This is my newest baby - The Pocket Journal in - Blue.  I selected this with a gift card for father's day and different from the regular field journal in size and capacity.

Obviously much smaller, it will accommodate only two refills at a time. The Dot Matrics, Ruled, and Unruled paper is available. They do not make a calender for this size.


The larger one shown here is my calendar and my journal and writing catch-all. 

That includes:

  • quotes I want to remember
  • notes about school assignments
  • notes related to work
  • daily journaling
  • thoughts that come to me and may find their way into my poems
  • drafts that I am working on before I take them to my laptop
That is what my larger journal is for.  The smaller one is in an experimental stage presently.
I think it will get carried around a lot and will be used for ideas or catchphrases I want to be able to recall.  Things that later may find their way into my writing, 

What I am sharing with you is how I operate. There is no right or wrong way to use these tools.  Just as there is no right or wrong way to approach journaling.  But that is part #3,
and you will have to come back for that post. 

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