Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thursday So Soon?

I want to take a moment to plug Jilly's baseball poems...

OMG Katey - you didn't know? Ok, you've been busy writing lots and lots of poems. Right?

BTW, I keep meaning to say how cool it is that Ivy got a Didi Menendez portrait! Of course I have absolutely no idea how good a resemblance it might be, but it is cool just the same.

I read at the Barnes & Noble - Zona Rosa Open Mic last night. Light crowd 15 or 16. I truly need to create some more new material. Had a few new pieces to share, but when you are reading a couple times a month in the in the same two venues it puts pressure on you to produce. Hard to argue that there is anything wrong with something that reinforces that kind of work ethic, but it can make you sweat.

I've been thinking that maybe I need to try to whip up something to send to Tom at Unprotected Texts. He wants poems... ok, here is his own words on the subject:

Unprotected Texts wants you to submit an original,
previously unpublished
poem about being the opposite sex for a day or

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