Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dance Of The GOP Puppets

The following was created with the help of Get A Google Poem and a thanks to Christine for the link to get this rolling.

Dance Of The GOP Puppets

by the
nation's top GOP spin-nurses in an incredible show of chutzpah on ...
To the
puppets writing for the mainstream press, this signals she may be ...

... is the
beginning of a hostile take over of our University system by the
along with Hannity, is just one of Murdoch's dime-a-dozen meat puppets. ...

comment: Wilson showed a clip of GOP Allen asking his question, ... Layers of
puppets. Jerk the
string at the
top, and all of the
levels start to

GOP’s champions of this war had a hard time finding their own way to the
battlefield ... ,
White Boy, .
I suddenly really want some Pocky ...

... He's innocent, and the
is guilty
nothing more than ... This time, ol'
BartCop let you
f easy. Next time, you'll dance. ...

... act in Bush’s Theater
Pain starring helpless Democratic puppets. ...
…and the masquerades as the
fiscal sanity that must be kept in ...

... wouldn’t gamble and could never, ever be caught – God forbid – dancing. ...
Can the
GOP keep
the puppets under control? Stupid is as stupid does ...

Dylan - Master
Puppets (Metallica - Master
Puppets) ... They ripped
a page from the
old GOP
playbook as they ripped
the no-tax-but-still-spend ...

Because puppets are better. You can control a puppet. ... pledge that had to
be drafted, then redrafted to the specifications of
the GOP
leadership. ...

... Existential puppets contemplate the mysteries of
animation Dead Puppet Talk...

Genre Fluent in British Dialect Produces Paranoid Pleasures ...

... blurring of
the issue by the GOP
in the 2000 and 2002 campaigns. ... about foreign
intervention by making Iran's liberals look like Western puppets. ...

... A New Kind of
Dancing in Iraq: from Occupation to Guerrilla War ... opened a
warehouse for building puppets, attracted puppet builders from all over...

... But polls suggest the GOP's Clinton blame-game will have some resonance ...and we think that if he learned to do it with dueling sock puppets,...

-driven musical to the all-American songs of Billy Joel. ...
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