Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Jilly for Blogger Poet Laureate

I drug my sorry assed self into the office this morning. I have been sink am under the weather (which seems such an interesting term as I think of the weather being about us all, sick or not) and am trying to declare victory- all the while this depressing little fellow- in a black hood sits across the room with his cycle*{see comments below} sickle in hand fidgeting.

Alright... enough about me...

WOW - I just went over to cast my vote for Blogger Poet Laureate [here] and found an amazing hot race going on. My vote, and I don't mind saying so... was for JILLY. After voting, Jilly now has 32 of a total of 68 votes cast. She has 47% of the total vote and is just one vote behind. Come on folks- get over and vote for Jilly to be the Blogging Poet Laureate for the next year!

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