Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday Malaise

Ugh! I had a ton of e-mail awaiting me today. I was not on the computer at all this weekend. I've used the handy delete key on a good deal of it that was obvious of no import. That however was just the one e-mail act.

I was hoping for more feedback from Friday's post on attention deficit disorder, but not really surprised that it has not elicited more response.

Met with my writers group Sunday afternoon and it was really a good session thought I was not prepared to present. After the featured work was presented and completed, I did offer a poem I wrote last week that was in a first draft/with last minute scribbled changes. I knew it was really roughed and did not even read it well. I only was looking for a general feel for what I was trying to do and the feedback was positive. However, I have since come to the conclusion it needs major changes beyond what I was thinking because the ending is too personal to a broader readership awareness of what it implies. In some respects I'd be inclined to toss this one back into the lake, were it not for the fact that I have a larger idea that this poem would fit nicely into if I can only get it together in a way that holds the general idea that is very personal and at the same time meet a more universal paradigm.

I'm still feeling less than 100% which is getting old. Hell, I don't think I'm even up to 75% and given how long it has been since I felt really good, this is draining both in a physical and emotional way.
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