Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tuesday Night Meeting of KC Metro Verse

Our local chapters of the Missouri Poetry Society met tonight. Actually I belong to two chapters - this one is KC Metro Verse. It is one of the newest chapters and it has been very active with events and projects in it's short history.

We have been working on a project to release poetry books into the community in conjunction with an online project called bookcrossing.com. Tonight we put the book plate stickers in the books so they could be registered and then released at various locations around town. The concept is kind of cool - a little like where's George? Where you register dollar bills online against their serial number and track their movement.

Then we read some poetry as usual. Some of our own and or works by other poets.

Just for grins, I'll share some photos of the tonight's meeting. Yes, I have taken a little poetic liberty with two of the photos.

Scot Want To read NOW
Scot Isom - goes first.


Getting books ready for their journey.

Pat's Advise

Wait! I think Pat Berge has something to say.
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