Friday, June 24, 2005

I'll take a shot of 80 proof poetry. Make that two!

I thought I'd take a moment to capsule some divergent thoughts about this week that seem to be flying about lose like stray arrows aimed at no one in particular or at least the hunter has had a few to many shots of 80 proof poetry.

Entering the week, there was lots in the international press and increasing references on the domestic front about the Downing Street Memo. The basic premise of course is that President Bush had his sights set on Iraq long ago and that the Administration manipulated intelligence information to build a case for attacking Iraq. None of this surprises me based on things we have historically already pieced together. What is significant is that it seems to point to the fact that British officials were aware of this as well ( as it was happening) and still Tony Blair became joined at the hip (or perhaps the brain) with Bush on this. It of course causes me to wonder why Blair fell into line so easily. Did Bush have pictures of Blair and sheep in compromising positions?

So here is a big surprise - Poll: Majority Says War in Iraq a Mistake 53 percent of Americans now say the war in Iraq was a mistake. 56 percent disapprove of how Bush has conducted the war. HOWEVER - good news for the President. If you are a suburban - male - Republican, there is a chance you may actually support the war. Well, that is the strongest base of support for it.

Now get this... Iraq-Like Regime not appropriate for Syria so says US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Wow... yeah, cause like where would we find the troops?

Speaking of troops... Poll Finds Most Oppose Return to Draft. A majority of Americans are opposed to reinstatement of the draft. Now, I don't think there was any ground swell of support growing for it anyway, but I'll bet a lot of people find the concept less palatable given how Bush has taken the United States into Iraq. Despite the recruiting problems, nearly 70% of Americans say they oppose reinstatement and almost half of those polled were strongly opposed. Notably, the poll also finds that a majority wouldn't encourage their own children to enlist - highlighting the problems faced by the military as recruiting is in a slump.

Rumsfeld claims US not losing Iraq war. American troops killed since the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 rose to 1,731 with six new casualties today. Other casualties of Iraq.

My contribution to water cooler talk this morning was "only in America..." in reference to this headline: Justices Rule Cities Can Take Property for Private Development. Of course I quickly recanted that statement. There are plenty of totalitarian governments that will do this.

And after a group of neo-conservative Republicans try to do a hatchet job on funding for public radio and television broadcasting - the House beat back the cuts with a 284-140 vote to restore $100 million in funds.

Thursday, former Republican National Committee co-chair, Patricia Harrison, is named president and chief executive of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.... gee, it gets pretty clear where all this was coming from. By the way- there was still a loss of some funding the budget even with $100 million restored.

And don't you just love it. We have a economic issues - a war - a national deficit out the wazoo and some in Congress want to spend time on votes to ban flag burning. A vote that is nothing more than GOP members trying to get record votes on something so that can point fingers at others later and question their patriotism.

What a week... I need a shot or two of 80 proof poetry.
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