Thursday, June 23, 2005

Smooth with a bit of an after-kick

Last night I experienced Starbucks new Coffee Liqueur. It was a real thumbs up experience. Surprisingly so because it's base coffee is the House Blend. Of all the Starbucks Coffee blends, it is perhaps one of my least favorite. Alas, they've found a way to improve it!

I had a shot of it over steamed milk with a shot of espresso. It is rich and smooth. Frankly I think I'd enjoy it over rocks. Well, we'll know about that tonight after I get home from work. I'm thinking a shot of it and Irish Cream - over rocks would be good too!

It is funny, because while I like coffee, there are not a lot of coffee flavored products that I do like. Coffee flavored candy is like gag-city. Some of the Starbucks Ice Cream flavors I like - but some I'm not fond of. In general, I do NOT buy coffee flavored desserts. I think this is a throw back to the fact that for years I could not stand coffee and sweets together. The marriage of cream and coffee was a Starbucks thing for me. I normally would only drink black coffee. I think the successful union of the two works only because most of Starbucks coffees that I like are city-roast (dark roast) and have a deep flavor that bleeds through dairy products to keep the rich flavor of the coffee alive.

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur
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