Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good Days - Bad Days. Finding Happiness

What constitutes a good day to you? I'm not talking about a good day of writing, I'm speaking in more general terms. Of course for a writer a good writing session may well contribute to a overall positive view of your day but there are likely any number of factors that may well contribute to your view of how that day was when the sun goes down.

Late fall and winter are times when I am prone to feel blue. I'm not exactly sure that feeling blue is an automatic bad day. You see there are positive things that can happen on a day when I at a low ebb emotionally.

I have started not long ago to track my days in terms of the degree to which they are good.  I discovered an application on Chrome that I am using both to help define a good day and to track what kind of a day I had.

The application I'm speaking of can be found at

The rating schedule runs from 1 to 9.

  • 1- The Worst. You bought the rope but couldn't be bothered to learn how to tie the knot.
  • 2- Almost the Worst. You spent the day wondering if you should put your head in the oven or drown in a lake.
  • 3 - A Bad Day. It rained, you spilled your coffee, you got yelled at, a dog ate your face, etc.
  • 4 - Slightly Below Average. Work Sucked, but there was something good on TV.
  • 5 - Average. At no time did you feel particularly happy or sad you just carried on with the routine. 
  • 6 - Slightly Above Average. Generally monotonous, but maybe you had one conversation/idea/meal that made you smile.
  • 7 - A Good Day. Smiles all around you. You went through your day enjoying everything you did. 
  • 8 - A Great Day. Generally good, but something amazing  / memorable happened. A kiss, a party, a trip, an epiphany. 
  • 9 -  Awesomeness! You bounded out of bed, had adventures, enjoyed your great relationships, ended the day exhausted and satisfied. 
There is a place to put notes as you rate each day. You could list things you did, people you interacted with, places you went, etc. These will the show up in a cloud with the size impacted by the number of reoccurrences.  It will graph your daily rating lineally and provide the frequency of bad days and good days. 
As an example my current frequencies are a good day every 2.4 days and a bad day every 8.7 days. 

I've heard people say you make your own happiness. I believe there is something to this. I've actually been surprised that I tend to score more more frequently at a rate of 6 and second is a tie between 7 and 8.   Out of  26 days rated I was happy 11 days, content 12 and sad 3. Now I know we poets are supposed the be eternally depressed so maybe I should not be broadcasting these statistics. 

It will be interesting to see how much / if this flatmates at times during the year.  By rating the day, sometimes it forces me to acknowledge that the day was not so bad. Maybe we do make our own happiness. 
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