Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Confession Tuesday - Give a Smile Edition

Dear Readers:                                                        

Another Tuesday has come and almost gone. It's been one week, two new poetry books, a trip to the Chiropractor and a shitload of snow since my last confession:

I've been mixing my reading and writing in the evenings with Winter Olympics. My wife and I have enjoyed watching many of the events together. I'm torn between enjoying the time together watching and writing and reading which I confess I have cut back on this week. I know I have no reason the feel guilty for appropriating family time and less to reading & writing. But of course that  makes be question if I am usually spending too much time on reading writing?  I try to keep a balance. This is one of the reasons that I pulled back from doing so many events away from the house. Something  I recently decided I may have gone overboard in my pull back.

Juggling has never been a talent that I excel at. I can get the balls in the air okay, I'm just not good at keeping them from falling  periodically. I confess that I play a good game, but all around me things are falling at my feet. I am zeroing in on a project that  I expect will require two to three month really focused work. I've decided I need to get organized about how I handle this and make sure to I break the project up into parts and identify the really critical parts and and tackle them in progression. I don't want things to get  scrunched up at the back end of the timeline where I am scrambling to get things together  or worse throw my arms in the air and surrender. I must keep telling myself surrender is not an option.

In recent times I've been trying to be more upbeat about things. I mean just  everyday things... work, writing, family stuff, finances, future, things that often beat me down but rally don't have to. I tried to be more interactive with people, often strangers in the building at work or in stores, etc. A smile here a hello there. I confess that this is not something that comes easy for me, but perhaps that is what makes doing it that much more rewarding.

Tackling  fears and putting myself out there on the line can be tiring...  I'm calling it a night!

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