Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Confession Tuesday - Snow White Snow Bright Edition

Dear Reader:

It's been on week of Crazy Winter since my last confession.

So here I am today - at home, all day.  I did not go to work today but alas I was not playing hooky, I received a call from my boss last night telling me not to come in unless I heard otherwise I was needed for an emergency.  Weather people on TV and  radio have been pleading with us since yesterday to stay home today of we can.

The picture on the right is what you immediately see when you open on of the French doors in our kitchen onto the deck.

I confess that I misspoke when I said I've been at home all day. I ventured out this morning with a care package for my daughter who is at KC Pet Project (a no kill shelter) and will very likely stay overnight so that it is assured that she can be there in the morning.

Even sitting in my writing studio much of the day I confess I feel as though I am suffering from snow blindness. A cursory look out my window from time to time keeps me feeling  abuzz with white glare.

I confess that I am fully expecting snow plows to do our street and push a mound of hard packed snow and ice in the mouth of my driveway making it difficult at best to get out tomorrow without significant work/effort. This and the temperatures are expected to drop way into dangerous levels for exposure. At the present time I'm anticipating that I will need to report to work tomorrow. That of course could change but presently I'm counting on the fact that I will need to go in so the ability get out of my driveway is a little more then just a pressing concern.

While at the shelter this morning a saw the cutest dog that was so timid. I wanted to bring him home but then I often see dogs there I want to bring home. More in the house right now is just not an option, but I confess I am a sucker of a dog that tugs at my heart strings.

The Winter Olympics start the week in case you haven't heard. I confess that I am a gigantic fan of the winter games. I love the anything on skies - especially ski jumping and the giant slalom. I love the hockey. Figure Skating, bobsled, curling, you get the picture. In recent years the TV coverage has sucked. I don't like seeing it on delayed basis. I want it all and I want it even if  it's 3:00 am my time.  So I confess the TV coverage will piss me off. I want to go back to the days of Sarajevo when the coverage rocked!

I confess that I am also pissed that a pest control company has been contracted to eradicate stray dogs around and about Sochi. Officials are tight lipped about how the dogs are being killed.

I confess that I am concerned about security for the games and the safety of individuals... athletes and public alike. They are all in my prayers.

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