Friday, October 22, 2004

Profound Escapes Me

I was thinking about writing something very profound tonight... but I guess I haven't thought hard enough. Actually there are several topics I have wanted to get into lately and perhaps this weekend I will.

So glad it is Friday. First half of the day went so quick and the rest seemed to drag on and on. Planned to watch Jag tonight with wife. It wasn't on. Instead, I watched First Night with my daughter. I've seen it before and Meg has too - but for her, it was only recently at school. I'm quite found of Arthurian literature and this movie is pretty decent for a updated version of Camelot. By the way... for those that might be interested there is an excellent Arthurian resource site on the net. [click here]

That's the extent of my functional dialogue for now... Hope everyone has a great weekend. I promise to do better tomorrow.

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