Sunday, December 30, 2007

7 Things You Should Know About Writing Poetry:

Deborah Ager posted a list of 7 things you should know about writing poetry. She challenged others to make their own list. I saw Kelli's list & below you will find mine.

7 Things You Should Know About Writing Poetry:

  1. Writing poetry can be solitary even amongst other people.
  2. There will be days you question what you are doing and swear you’ll never write again. This will pass. Often later the same day.
  3. People will think you are moody because you are a poet. This is not so. Even people who cannot write a single line of poetry can be moody anytime prior to their death.
  4. You will add years to your life if you can learn to resist trying to explain the meaning of your poetry when people ask.
  5. It is not mandatory that you be narcissistic to be a poet, but on the other hand it won’t hurt.
  6. Not everything we write has happened to us. If so, we would all be a little too weird.
  7. It’s not that our parent(s) didn’t teach us to share; we just tend to get fussy about our writing instruments, journals, and the table at Starbucks we sit at, etc.

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