Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Confession Tuesday

The night is fleeting and I've got confessing to do so let's get started.

Dear Reader:

I saw today on the Internet that we are supposed to have a spectacular stream of meteors, likely leftovers from Halley's Comet, streak across the night sky this week. I confess I am always interested in such phenomena but rarely get lucky enough to observe things like this in real life. I'm usually reduced to watching some video after the fact, but still find it interesting.  For years we lived in the city where surrounding environmental factors like buildings, trees, night lighting all worked against me. Moving to a more suburban area with open fields on two sides of our property give better opportunity, but I still seldom see such things.
I mentioned the showers to my wife a while ago and she said, "feel free to go out and watch them on your own."  I'm sure she hopes to be watching the back side of here eyelids.  I may go check things out after while but I don't see myself staying out very long. Morning comes early... or so it seems.  Maybe I'll get lucky... but I'm not counting on it.

The Giants returned to San Francisco and played their first home game of the NLCS this afternoon. They split the first two games on the road and won a great pitching game before the home fans - a 3 hitter shut out, 3-0.  I truly have post season fever.  The Giants bullpen has all grown beards down the stretch and the fans have a motto, "fear the beard" and I confess that in support of the team, I've started  growing a beard too.  I've had a beard in the late 1980's and 90's but ultimately grew tired of it and shaved it.  I don't see myself keeping this past the World Series (assuming the Giants advance) otherwise it will come off sooner.  The mustache however stays. I'm forbidden by my wife from shaving it. Seriously!  

Well, it's nearly 11:00 and I'm going to take my pop and go outside briefly and see what the sky is like. Wish me luck!

Thanks for listening. Have a great week!

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