Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Healthier Shade Of Flesh

For anyone who was concerned about my liver enzymes as Eileen evidently was, I feel compelled to say I am alive and doing fine. That is not to say that I am free of envy for those who will be able to partake of the panel discussion on poetry publishing at SF State that Ms. Tabios is participating in on November 9th. Still, in a very round about way, I believe she has cleared up a bit of the mystery on cultural capital from her original post. If I may say so, without hindering her desire to remain "flakey" in her own right, and on her own blog... I believe she is speaking of cultural capital in the context of something many other would relate to as a form of networking.

This is starting to click for me now. While not at all a new concept to me, I think she is giving it new meaning to me. Of course I would much prefer to be a mouse in the corner of the room when she gives this presentation or a poet in the audience would work quite nicely... but I at least believe I am now in the ballpark on what she is talking about.

It is with some degree of amusement that I recall another post of hers earlier in the week I believe when she spoke of how she kept screwing-up having a career in poetry. Hum, methinks she is not screwing-up too badly.
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