Sunday, October 24, 2004

Weekend Mailbag...

Saturday I received the newest Poets & Writers magazine. A variety of irritating campaign mail. Irritating because much of it was "stock crap" put out by the Missouri State Republican party that they are mailing against most Democratic candidates and it has a vary unsavory message that evidently they believe the majority of the public is dumb enough to by into.

Friday, another poetry postcard from Ivy. I'm so confused. We are doing Tuesday's and this was the third such poem this month from her. She's ahead of me! She evidently is writing in the future and sending them back in time. I do well enough to do them on time. Yikes! More on the postcard poetry later this week.

No rejections.... no acceptance letters.

Tomorrow night is Open Mic @ Writers Place.

Writer's Place
3607 Pennsylvania
Kansas City MO 64111

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