Saturday, October 15, 2011

Journal Bits

Friday Sept. 30 - "This summer mercury tattooed itself to my skin."

Saturday, Oct. 1 - "Work rides a conveyor belt to my desk. On occasion I'm not fast enough - things come crashing down."

Wednesday, Oct 12 - "The still has settled to the top of my desk....  these morning moments of silence will not last. My body craves them as if it were some drug; the antidote for worries."

Thursday, Oct. 13 - Nicole Rushin's words (from a blog post) have some resonance  to me, especially the last sentence. Do I often really  let my inner voice be heard? By anyone, including myself?  Something to think about.

Saturday, Oct. 15 - "The mix of night air and city/only incite party desire/ assembly was required."

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