Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Misfortune

As I am working on this I'm looking at my laptop screen through one good eye and one partially shut and otherwise oozy eye.  Couple days back I was shaving when I turned and found my right eye in the direct bath of a mother-in-laws tongue.  You might ask what said mother-in-law was doing in the bathroom while I was shaving. The answer is not much... just sitting on the edge of the lavatory,

This incident ended up necessitating a trip to the emergency room and subsequently eye clinic. Followed by bed rest all day today. This has driven me to the brink if insanity. Everyone but the dogs left the house early this morning. Sure I could say, wow a day all to myself.  Such days I do enjoy from time to time but not always and today wasn't one of them.  Yesterday my eye was too sensitive to light to open. When I did for the various drops that have been prescribed there was intense pain at the back of the eye and shooting paint upwards of my forehead above the eye. So I suppose you can say that progress is occurring.

The progress however has been of little comfort.  I've had a very busy week and had looked forward to this weekend for a variety of things but especially writing and reading. I missed the Robert Bly reading locally on Thursday because of this and that was before it turned worse.

If I felt I could have read for any length of time earlier today or effectively written I think I would not have seen the day as a loss. My wife reminds me that the doctor said yesterday that rest was the best thing for it so I was doing something productive. In spite if her many talents this sales job didn't work one me,

About three p.m. I took the dogs out and came back in and felt an anxiety attack brewing.  I managed to go back to bed for two more hours until then got up and fed the dogs and took them out again.

I've obtained a Diet Coke and am typing this all the while telling myself that things are normalizing. If I say it often enough I will perhaps believe it.  In the meantime I am contemplating a restraining order against the perpetrating Mother-In Law Sansevieria trifasciata.

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